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I’ve kinda wanted to blog for a while, but to be honest, I don’t really know anything about blogging. And I probably don’t have anything all that profound to say. Perhaps I’ll just use this like a journal. I loved having a journal when I was younger, and I wish I had kept up with it. And I thought I was going to try writing in a journal this year…and well, it’s February and that definitely hasn’t happened.

Anyway, in the very small chance that somebody will read this blog, I suppose I should introduce myself or something? Perhaps I’ll think a bit about the kind of person I am…I’m all up for introspection.

So. I’m Clara. Currently a freshman at a college that’s…well, let’s be frank. Way commercialized and that has an ego and reputation as big as its endowment. (Which is indeed, quite sizable) But let’s also be frank in this – I love being here. But I guess that’s another post. I suppose my college is one thing that defines me. It is indeed a big chunk of my life…and it’s where the title of this post comes from. Being a freshman and starting off with new extracurriculars and new classes with a bazillion new people, there’s that standard introduction…

Being Korean-American defines me, too. Born in America, and I’ve lived here all my life. But still, my Korean heritage is a HUGE part of my life. I didn’t have a choice, though, really. My mom’s a Korean school teacher and vice-principal (set to be principal…). It’s not like I could avoid learning Korean. And our house is full of Koreanness. But I don’t mind. I’m really proud of being Korean and it’s definitely shaped me.

I’m terribly terribly awkward. Just a dork in general. And perhaps a geek and a nerd, too. Okay, not perhaps. For sure. I like to think that I have some social graces, though. I’ve got enough friends and I’m pretty darn friendly.

I’m apparently really cheerful and cutesy, too. I do have a tendency to act 10 years younger than I am…My high school friends would say that even when I try to be angry, I get happy a second later. Not exactly true, but I guess that’s the vibe I give off.

I love music…I’ve tried my hand at various instruments (piano for a number of years, oboe for a year, and viola for a whopping two months) but now I just stick to singing. And I love listening to music, too. My music tastes are pretty varied, and what I’m listening to depends on what phase I’m in.

I also just really like people. Generally. That’s how I got here, really. I’m not especially talented in anything – I’m just pretty good at a lot of things. But I really like people and I place a lot of importance on interactions with people.

Anyway. Enough talking about me. There are lots of things that can be said about me, but hopefully, this’ll be a place where I try to figure things out, and that includes myself.

So. A blog. Here we go.


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